How does vote-reward work ?

Voting for a delegate helps to push it within the top 51 to be allowed to forge blocks. Then, its associated node can puts transactions in a block, signs it and inserts it into the blockchain. For each forged block, the delegate wallet receives 2 Ѧ plus the fees of forged transaction(s).

The one runing this delegate may decide to share his reward to his voters. The most common way is to distribute rewards according to individual vote weight. With arky , the share is computed and distributed according to vote weight each time a block is forged. It is the True Block Weight mechanism.

Important thing to notify here is that your vote weight might fluctuate between two forged block according to total vote variation.

How much may I get ?

Since ark network is running, the average delay between two blocks is 8.000 seconds. A delegate forges a block every 408.000 seconds (average blocktime x delegate number) that makes 17.64705882 Ѧ per hour. So on a daily basis, the maximum a delegate could distribute is 423.52941176 Ѧ.

Can I withdraw part of my voting wallet ?

Yes. Because sometime trading Ѧ is interesting, it is allowed to withdraw part of the wallet but your relative vote weight will decrease.

Do I need to register somewhere ?

No. You only have to vote for arky using Ark Desktop Wallet.

Will I get my pending reward if I down vote delegate ?

No. Once arky down voted, the undistributed share is redistributed to the other voters.